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June 11, 2020

Visualize Your Assets in 3D with Tract Stacks



Landdox Tract Stacks are a simple, intuitive way to view your land assets and automatically keep track of your acreage counts. 

One of the most difficult thought exercises in managing land assets is visualizing and explaining complex land ownership and leases.

For example, imagine a single piece of land with one mineral interest owner who owns surface to core.

lego tall

Now, imagine the same single column broken into three formation ranges, each with multiple, different mineral interest owners, all of whom sign leases with varying provisions. 

lego tall stack

In Landdox, a "tract" is a piece of land with a surface area, depth or formation, and one or more owners. Obviously, we think of them like legos.

Tract Stacks allow you to visualize your "legos" in a vertical column by formation and/or depth.

tract stack-2

Simply, select the tracts and their order, and Landdox does the rest. Each tract has an independent status and can be included (or not) in the same (or different) unit. Gross/net acreage counts are updated automatically -- including in reports. 

And you are left with a clean, intuitive view of mineral ownership and all relevant leases.

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